WHS has lead multiple projects down the road to success and will use that experience to plan the right path for your project.

Not all projects require a planning document, but they all benefit from the efficient, forward thinking and working with an end goal in mind. In addition to final design plan sets, our planning services include Master Planning Studies, GIS Database Management, Modeling, and Subdivision Platting.  We plan so you don’t have to.

WHS staff has developed planning studies for communities ranging from 20 connections to over 50,000 people and in each of the major municipal disciplines of water, wastewater, storm water, and transportation.  The most useful studies are those that are written with heavy involvement from you, the end user.  We will pair our professional expertise with your unique system knowledge to create a living document that will remain valid throughout the planning horizon, whether that be 5, 15, or 30 years.  We make sure that our end deliverable is easy to read and follow, by writing to the right audience, using graphs and tables instead of endless narrative, and understanding the right picture is worth more than a thousand words.

A major component of all planning documents are project cost estimates.  As a construction management company, WHS maintains a library of contractor bid tabs from projects we have designed or inspected.  This means our estimates are based on real, local material and labor costs.  We work closely with many contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers which means we also have access to real time pricing for unique items.  WHS has a proven track record of engineering cost estimates that are in the middle of the bidding environment, ensuring adequate planning budgets without pricing projects out of reach.  As a construction surveying company, we are also bidding on projects ourselves which keeps our pencils sharp and numbers up to date with our competitors.

WHS has several experts with the amazing planning tool known as GIS.  Global Information Systems allow tabular data to be connected with a point or area on an interactive map. GIS is not new to the engineering/surveying world, but the usability of GIS programs and availability to the general public has progressed exponentially in the last 15 years.  We have remained at the forefront of the technology race and are trained to use this tool to its highest capabilities.  Our primary software platform is ESRI ArchGIS 10, and our trained professionals can make seamless conversions with AutoCAD, .kmz files, survey data .csv, excel spreadsheets, and between the multitude of coordinate systems.  If creating a new database from scratch, we will work with you to identify the data fields that are most useful to you, then set up our survey equipment to gather the data in that format, thereby saving processing time.  We also use GIS to create the many exhibits and figures that support our planning study documents.  We can also train you or manage your database for you.

We have experience operating and manipulating a wide range of modeling software, including InfoWorks, Bentley, and the CAD suite of utility programs.  Many software programs operate within a GIS platform which enables efficient transitions of data.  We will use your preferred software to replicate existing utility operations, make necessary calibrations, create a model of projected system improvements, and run iterations to optimize the design.

Our surveyors and site civil engineers have been involved in hundreds of subdivision layouts and approval processes.  We understand what works and what doesn’t.  You will experience constant communication, unique perspectives, and timely submittals.  As a full-service company, we can provide boundary lot surveys, layout options, platting applications and exhibits, legal descriptions, permitting guidance, design plans and construction oversight.

Our deliverables accommodate local permitting requirements, while remaining consistent with the client’s vision.  We recognize the importance of fluid design that provides seamless transitions between the natural landscape, existing structures, and new facilities.  You can be assured that the final project plan set incorporates the preferred option in a clear, concise, and accurate manner.