Project Description

Client: City of Rock Springs
Nearest City: Rock Springs, WY
Category: Engineering, Construction Management, Surveying

Service Summary

WHS was selected by the City of Rock Springs for the civil design on this $4.75 million dollar project involving the civil design, construction management and surveying of over a mile of new arterial roadways and the upgrade of a concrete intersection with a traffic signal.  This design also included the design of a new decorative concrete retaining wall and major storm sewer interceptor to convey storm water runoff away into a new storm sewer system. On the Westerly side of the project the storm sewer system connected to a key existing drainage ditch, which lies between Pronghorn Estates and Hunters Ridge, and an existing 36” CMP that conveys storm water from Stagecoach Blvd.  The Easterly side of the project had to handle flows from The Preserves Phase II and from an area that stretched from Foothill Blvd. to College Drive.  Modeling these areas took extensive time and precision.  The precision and accuracy of the Storm Water Model of this complex system manifested itself in the spring of 2015, when two major rainfall events hit this area.  The storm water was correctly routed into the Regan Detention Basin and the actual storm was reflected in the model.