Project Description

Client: Denver Light Railway
Location: 5-mile light railway transit through suburban and industrial area
Nearest City: Denver, CO
Category: Drone Mapping and Planning

Service Summary

WH Smith & Associates was contracted to provide construction surveying services for construction on a 5-mile light railway transit corridor through a suburban and industrial area of Denver. A UAS system was selected to provide the topographic data for cross-sections in spite of the challenging flying conditions that would be encountered because of the dramatic savings over using conventional methods. Complex airspace issues, aerial obstacles such as radio towers, high tension transmission lines, trees and bridges, and the nature of a narrow corridor in a congested area providing limited operating space all were considerations that had to be taken into account and mitigated. On two different days, the entire 5-mile portion of the corridor was successfully flown, providing the client with not only cross-sectional data but a thorough, high definition capture of the project area